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Otherwise you're  giving
away up to 10% in winning.
 You simply do NOT get
the best price or offer

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Sports Betting Tips

Before you place any bet on your favorite offshore sportsbook, you must have a strategy, one that you treat like an investment.

There are two questions you must ask yourself
before you gamble.

1) How much you want to win?
2) How much you're willing to lose?..

There is no guaranteed way of winning, but if you can be smart about your investment, you can certainly reduce risk and maximize return. Set a reasonable target to reach using the amount you're willing to risk, and don't get greedy after you win or lose.

The biggest problems with gamblers are that they don't quit when they're up and will continue playing when they're down. This is the biggest mistake most gamblers make. And to be a real winner, you must not fall into this same trap. So before you gamble, keep in mind how much you want to win, and how much you can afford to lose. And stick with these numbers, once you reach it, cash in.

So what is a reasonable target? This really depends on how much you want to win and how much you're online sports betting each game. If you start off with $200 and want to win $2000 by playing $5 a game, then I would say this is not a reasonable target. You must also understand the chances of winning for each game in order for you to set a reasonable target.

I know this may sound a little vague at the moment, but I will go in depth about different strategies for most of the popular games in my later issues. But for now you must learn to minimize risk and maximize return. The rule of thumb to follow is to have return on investment ratio of 2:1. So if you're willing to lose $100, then set a target to quit when you're up $200.

Bet at an amount so that it takes you a maximum of 20 wins to reach the target. And when you're down, always leave at least half of what you now have to gamble. This way, it takes a lot of games for you to actually go down to $0. Never go crazy and just bet everything at once, you'll find that if you do that often enough, you'll always end up losing. Why? Well, if you're down to $50 now, and you bet it all, you may win and will probably keep online sports betting, but if you lose, then it is game over.

The trick to never lose is to always leave some money for back up.





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